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"Simplicity is the soul of efficiency."

A. Freeman

User friendly network

Independent wireless technology

AquaLink system is an expandable monitoring platform that enables the public utility companies to gain control over their water network in a simple and effective manner. The system is composed by battery powered field devices that are installed on the existing water gauge (district meter) and a cloud based software that enables mobile online monitoring.

The installation of the field devices is simple and user friendly as it does not require any power or communication infrastructure. It is designed to be easily installed into existing water networks without modification.

Adding different models of AquaLink devices to the system enables the monitoring of districts meters, the pressure in the system, the level of waters in holding tanks, pH and chlorine values, temperature of tank and pipe water, and much more.

Examples of use:

Water flow and pressure monitoring

Insertion paddleweheel sensor

Water reservoir level monitoring with overflow alarms

Open channel monitoring

Water flow monitoring with Valve control

Borehole level and temperature monitoring

Chlorine, pH and pressure monitoring

Pressure monitoring

Water reservoir level monitoring with overflow and mains powerloss alarms

Detection of Hydrant use

Burst pipe detection and water flow monitoring