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"The most effective way to do it, is to do it."

A. Earhart

Cost effective system

Full control with the lowest investment

AquaLink is offering an effective, environment friendly water network monitoring system which results in reduced water losses, lower costs of maintenance and management.

Detects network defects in one day

AquaLink system covers the whole water network. A special alarm system allows to detect the origin of the leak within a few hours from its occurring.

Your monitoring system with one year investment payback

The Aqua link system enables you full control with the lowest investment. As it does not require any power or communication infrastructure it is easy to be installed. Thanks to efficient monitoring your resources can be used for new investments or planned maintenance rather than for late leakage detection.

Identify water network silent defects in 30 days

Many of the existing SCADA network steering systems hardly detect any silent defects. The leaks are found too late and only when the consequences become visible in our environment. With Aqua Link we are offering you an effective system to detect silent defects on the water network in 30 days.


Reference case study

Immediate water leak detection

Utility company Novo Mesto pumps over 4,6 million m3 of water yearly, ensuring uninterrupted supply of quality potable water to over 63,000 users in 8 counties. Using AquaLink system has achieved next results:




65 AQ devices






3 months

project implementation

- 4,3%

pumped water



“AquaLink is ideal, because it allows insight into the system in places where the use of our Scada system is not possible. It is also useful as a support system to the existing system, and for detecting water defects”

Istok Zorko

In charge of water supply sector at Utility company Novo mesto